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         And Welcome to The Mechanical Man Society a club I started for my friends and others to come and talk, post art and stories all about artificial intelligence, meaning robots, androids, mechas, super computers and other cybernetics. We accept fanart and writing or original art and stories with your own droids. If you've got love for A.I. then come join us.

1) Be civil to the other members in the club as well as respectful. Everyone is welcome but if you are disrespectful or there are any problems then you will be warned three times before being kicked out of the club.

2) Only members can submit work so if you wish to submit, you need to become a member. It's quick and you will be automatically approved.

3) Respect peoples artwork/writing and do not use it without permission. It is against the law and will result in instant banning from group if violated as well as a notification sent to deviantART Admin.

4) Read our Submission Guidelines before you join!

5) Have fun!

~Joining the Club~

Joining has been made easier by becoming a group. Now, simply press the 'Join' button at the top and you should be automatically approved. The Founder does however reserve the right to deny your joining.


Load up your robot/android related artwork onto DA, whether it's original work or fanart. Click on the gallery and click the 'Contribute to the Gallery' button. Then you can simply add your art or writing easily from your gallery to ours. Your artwork should be approve in a few days once I have decided it fits the club guidelines. When someone views your piece from our gallery it will go to the original.

The Founder, Co-Founder & Admin. reserve the right to not approve your art/writing to the gallery on the basis it is inappropriate or is doesn't follow the submission rules.

:bulletred: New & Updates :bulletred:

:bulletred:Feb. 22, 2014:bulletred:

Dear members,
I have had to turn down quite a few hundred submissions as of late and have received some nasty notes concerning it. I feel it's important I make a public statement just to let everyone know where I stand since several people were upset with me and wrote me about it.

You have all of coursed joined this club because you love AI in some manner and have either submitted or you appreciate the wide range of talents and styles featured in our gallery. I want to promote this in our club, offering everyone of all talents a chance to show their work. I also want it to be a positive environment where everyone feels welcome to write me if they need to for any reason.

Because I want our members to enjoy a wide range of artists in our gallery and get equal view time, I try and keep multiple submissions of the same characters at a minimum. I have been receiving hundreds of character pictures, with only slight differences (profile, side view, ¾ view, from above, from below, red shirt front view, red shirt side view, etc), character profiles, merchandise, and fanclub stamps for their original characters as submissions. It seems to me that some people don't understand that this is not their personal gallery or fanclub. Please only submit quality over quantity and please do not submit 70+ pictures of works in progress, fan club stuff for your character, merchandise or different perspective models. This is everyone’s gallery and I want to keep it that way. If you want a fanclub for your character, start your own club on deviant art but do not attempt to turn the gallery into your own personal showcase. You may write me with any questions or concerns concerning your artwork, however, do not write me, aggressive, or abusive letters.

In conclusions, I have made a short amendment to the submission rules.

"Submitting multiple character pictures, info sheets, or submitting quantity over quality in an attempt to dominate the gallery is not acceptable. If I feel you are submitting excessive amounts of pictures simply to dominate the gallery, then your work will be declined. This gallery is to show and appreciate the work of many artists, novice and professional and to showcase their talent. This is not your personal gallery, it is not your fan club and is not here simply to serve your purpose. Simply submit a few pieces of your best robot/android works and if viewers enjoy it they will of course go to your page and follow you. Other than that, please only submit your highest quality work and do not stress the gallery."

I hope this was clear. Also, I want to thank the majority of our members who have stuck with the club and supported it as well as followed the rules. Thank you for your hard work and contributions to this club and I hope the gallery will continue to feature a wide range of interesting and awesome pictures.

Lots of Love,
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EmmaComics Jan 18, 2014  Professional Digital Artist

Come read my Emma comics, any robot/android lovers will like it. Story is a serious one, dealing with love, death, life, and such. All my art and comics are done on my Nintendo 3DS.

Hi there. I'm typing this because there is a Kickstarter project in need of funding, and I was wondering if anyone here is interested in helping it out.

A group in Boston, Massachusetts is currently trying to get funds to build a robot called the Blabdroid. The Blabdroid, from what the Kickstarter Page said, is a small robot camera with a customizable personality. You can control the robot with your phone, and it is compatible with all currently-existing apps, so you can use it to do things like play your music, and make videos of you.

The project needs $75,000.00 in order to be funded, and needs to reach this goal by June 2nd at 2:47am EDT. As of this post, it currently has $6,117.00.

Maybe this is a bit of a stretch, but I feel I should hep this project get some support now. If you would like to see more of the project, here is a link to the Kickstarter page.


By the way, I apologize if I seemed weird by just up and asking yo uthis just completely out of the blue, or presumptuous by assuming you would help to fund this simply because you're a group dedicated to robots. I mean, sure, I could just post a journal entry or something, but that doesn't seem to be working on my end. Still, sorry if I seemed weird or presumptuous.

That said, let me know what you think of the project once you see the links, if you would anyway.
AskHal9000 Aug 15, 2012

Is there any AI out there?
Alektorotelumphobia Aug 20, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Plenty here, and plenty AI appreciators. Nice of you to come by our page Hal.
AskHal9000 Aug 20, 2012
on the contrary...
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